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I have lost the combination to my safe, can you provide it to me?

For security reasons we can only give combinations to locksmiths or Gardall safe dealers.  You will need to contact a local locksmith / Gardall dealer.  If you provide the locksmith with the serial number to your safe, they can obtain the factory set combination on your behalf.


Where is the serial number to my safe?

All serial numbers will be on the outside of the safe.  Most are on the front of the door and begin with S-.


How do I dial the combination to my safe?

Gardall uses a few different mechanical combination locks.  Please go to our dialing / operating instructions page and try to determine which style of lock that you have.  If you cannot figure it out, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will provide you with the correct instructions.   Have the serial number to your safe in hand as we will need it to determine which type of lock you have.  

Click here to view dialing instructions.


Can I change the combination to my mechanical safe lock?

Most safes with mechanical locks can have the combination changed but it needs to be done by a locksmith.  However, changing the combination does void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Can I change the combination on my electronic safe lock?

Yes.  Your safe should have come with the instructions to change the combination.  If you cannot locate the instructions use our dialing / instructions page and see if you can determine which electronic lock your safe has installed on it.  If you cannot figure it out, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will provide you with the correct instructions.   Have the serial number to your safe in hand as we will need it to determine which type of lock you have. 

Click here to view operating instructions


How often should I change the batteries in my safe lock?

We suggest that lock batteries be replaced at least once a year.  Many lock manufacturers also suggest that only Duracell batteries be used in their products.


My electronic lock is continuously beeping, or makes 2 beeps when I try to enter the code what is wrong with my safe?

The lock is in lock out.  Lock out is a security feature that is activated when an incorrect code is entered multiple times.  To resolve the issue do not remove the batteries, walk away from the safe and do not push any buttons for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, if you know the code you can key it in to the lock and open the safe.  If you do not know it, you will need to contact a local locksmith or Gardall safe dealer and have them obtain the over ride code for you.


My electronic lock was working yesterday, but now is not responding, how come?

Your batteries may be dead.  Replace them with Duracell batteries.  If the lock is still unresponsive wait another 20 minutes and try again.  If this does not work call a locksmith, your safe needs  to be serviced.


My mechanical combination lock takes many tries to open, what is wrong?

Safe locks are precision instruments.  Slow down and dial the combination more precisely.   Dialing your combination a ½ number off may prevent the lock from opening.  If this does not work you may want to contact a locksmith before lock fails and you have to have the safe drilled open.


My mechanical combination lock has two marks, which do I use to dial the safe open?

Always dial the combination to the mark at the 12 o’clock position.  The other mark is used by the factory or by a locksmith to set a combination.


I have lost the key(s) to my safe, are replacement available?

Yes, call the factory with the serial number to your safe.  We will be able to direct you to a locksmith and provide you with all the information that you will need to order the keys.


How much will it cost to have a locksmith come to my home or business?

Locksmith charges vary from city to city.  Generally speaking, if you can bring the safe to the locksmith’s shop, it will save you money.


Where can I purchase a Gardall safe?

Gardall safes are sold through a locksmith distributor / dealer network.  We do not sell directly to the consumer.  To find a dealer near you click on our dealer locator or call our customer service department. 

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Can I get replacement parts for my Gardall safe?

Yes, Gardall safes are serviceable and replacement parts are available.  With your serial number in hand please contact our customer service department and we will help determine the parts that you need.





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