GF5517 Dialing Instructions


Users's Instructions [Print]


Please read this sheet before using your safe. Remember to keep your combination confidential. Retain this sheet for your records. 


The combination for this safe has been randomly selected. Your combination is listed below. Compare the serial number on the front of your safe with the serial number listed below. If the numbers do not match, do not attempt to operate the combination. Please contact Gardall Safe at 800-722-7233 to assist you. 


The serial number of your safe is ________________ 

Test your combination several times with the door open!

Use the index mark located at the twelve o’clock position.

  1. Start with dial on zero.
  2. Turn dial right (clockwise) three turns and stop at _____
  3. Turn dial left (counter clockwise) stopping second time on _____
  4. Turn dial right (clockwise) stopping first time on ____
  5. Turn safe handle in the clockwise direction unti lit stops.
  6. To lock the safe, close the door and spin the combination dial several times.


You should always turn the dial slowly and carefully. If you turn past a number in the combination while dialing, DO NOT turn the dial backwards. You must re-dial the entire combination.


Never force the handle to turn. If the combination has been properly dialed, the safe handle will turn easily. Trying to force the handle to turn after dialing an incorrect combination can jam the safe mechanism in the locked position.


Make sure the door bolts are fully retracted before closing the safe door. Closing the door with the bolts partially extended can also cause damage to your safe’s operating mechanism. 

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