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How to Open Your Safe

Push the START button and punch in your code. The green light should come on and you should hear a chirp. Once you hear the chirp turn the key to open.


How to Change Your Code

Your safe is programmed with 2 user codes. The first one is 123456. The second one is 567890. You can change these codes to something that is easy for you to remember.


To change the code 123456 to a new code, follow these simple instructions. (Make sure you have decided what your new code is before starting).

  1. Press the “start” button.

  2. Input your new 6-digit code.

  3. Hit the memory button inside the door. ( white or red square button)

To change the second code of 567890, follow these instructions.

  1. Press the memory button inside the door. (white or red square button)

  2. Press the “start” button.

  3. Input your new 6-digit code.

If you input the incorrect code (4) times the lock will go into lock out. When in lock out the safe will beep continuously for (5) minutes. DO NOT remove the batteries let the lock beep.



You must do this with your door open. Once you have changed your combination, test it with your safe door open to make sure you have done it correctly. If you have any problems, please call our customer service department at 1-800-722-7233. 

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