S & G 6120


User's Instructions [Print]


Enter the six digit combination (in the gold envelope) followed by the pound (#) sign. Your safe comes provided with 1 9-volt battery. The lock manufacturer suggests you use 2 to operate your safe.


How To Change Your Code

Make sure your door is open before you do this! Do not close your safe until you have tested your new code.

  1. Press74*

  2. Press the six digits of your original code, followed by #. Wait for the lock to beep 5 times.

  3. Press 1 *

  4. Press the six digits of your new code, followed by #. Wait for the lock to beep 3 times.

  5. Again press the six digits of your new code, followed by #. The lock will beep 3 times.

If your lock sounds a continuous tone for about one second anytime during the code changing procedure, you have made an error. When this happens, the lock ignores your new code and reverts to the old one.


Make sure to record your new code as it will not be on file with Gardall Safe!


How To Change the Batteries

  1. Remove the keypad from it’s mounting base by pulling the top of the keypad away from the base at the top. Support the keypad so the wires which are attached to the circuit board are not pulled or stressed.

  2. Remove both batteries.

  3. Install the new Duracell batteries by pushing them directly into the battery

    connectors attached to the keypad circuit board.

  4. Align the spring clips with the receptacles in the base. Using steady pressure, push

    the keypad housing back onto its mounting base. Please be careful not to damage

    the wires when removing or installing the keypad!!

  5. Check the combination at least 3 times before you close the door of your safe.

If you have any problems with any of the above procedures, please call Gardall Safe’s customer service department at 800-722-7233

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