Commercial High Security TL15, TL30 AND TL30x6

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Gardall Safe Corporation has been manufacturing premium quality safes for home and office applications since 1950. Our Commercial High Security safes are manufactured to specifications which are more stringent than many of our competitors requirements. Some of the standard features on Gardall TL15 and TL30 safes are options with other manufacturers. Please be sure to compare our specifications with those of our competitors before making your decision.

  • TL15 – Tool Resistant for 15 minutes
  • TL30 – Tool Resistant for 30 minutes
  • TL30/6 – Tool Resistant for 30 minutes all six sides of safe.


Standard Features:


Door Construction:

  • TL15 – 5 1/2” slab High Density Fiber Reinforced Material
  • TL30 – 5 1/2” overall, 3” slab of High Density Fiber Reinforced Barrier Material – TDRII*
  • TL30X6 – TL30X6 – 5 1/2” overall thickness with 2” Defense Barrier


Body Construction:

  • TL15 – 2 1/2” slab of High Density Barrier Material
  • TL30 – 2 1/2” slab of High Density Barrier Material
  • TL30X6 –  2 1/2” thick composite Reinforced Manganese steel armor plate


Anti Burglary Components:

  • Cross locking relockers.
  • Punch resistant spindle handle and lock.
  • Tempered glass relocking trigger.
  • Bridge mounted lock.
  •  1 1/2" Formed stainless steel locking bar.



  • Group 2M listed combination. Key lock available for dual custody.
  • Group 1R lock available at an upcharge



  • Massive heavy duty adjustable ball bearing hinges.

Fire Rating

  • Fire tested to 1850 degrees F.  Interior temperature less than 350 degrees F for 1 hour.


*TDR II – Special formulation of High Density Barrier Material with Fiber Reinforcement


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